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What's New in 2024

This section of the document gives you an overview of the new features and functions in It includes new features, improvements, announcements, deprecations, and bug fixes.

February 14

Feature Type Description
Support for US region in cloud deployments New Users can now spin cloud deployments in the US cluster, enabling them to utilize localized infrastructure resources and reduce latency for US-based users; retrieve updated manifests in the CLI using the rio explain command

March 13

Feature Type Description
VPN connectivity restoration with updated subnet ranges New Updates to subnet ranges in the project no longer require re-enabling the VPN.
Support for IP whitelisting in StaticRoutes New Users can now whitelist specific IP addresses in StaticRoutes, enhancing security by restricting access to designated IPs.
Support for specifying permissions and ownership in device volume mounts New Users can define permissions and ownership settings for device volume mounts, providing greater control and flexibility over access rights and ownership of mounted volumes.