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Creating and Updating Batch Logging on a Device

Configuring Batch Logging on a Device

You can configure the batch logging feature on a device that allows you to create a backup of device deployment logs in a single file in JSON format.

To configure batch logging on a device:

Pre-requisite: Ensure that you have onboarded a device to the console and the device is online.

  1. In the console, select the device for which you want to configure batch logging.
  2. In the device Details tab, turn on the Enable batch logging toggle. The Batch logging configuration dialog box is displayed.
  3. In the Batch logging configuration dialog box, configure the following fields: For more details, see Configuration Variables
  • Backup Directory
  • Rotation size
  • Rotation interval
  • Rotated Archive Limit
  1. Click OK. The batch logging configuration on a device is completed.

To update the batch logging configuration, in the device Details page, under BATCH LOGGING CONFIG VARIABLES section, click Update.