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September 22

Welcome to the September 22, 2021 release of the platform.


  • Device SSH - SSH to device is now allowed in initializing and failed states.
  • Device Config Variables - Config variables are now retained across device re-onboardings
  • Historical Logs - Loglines metrics now show fetched and the total number of lines with the corresponding start and end dates


  • Device Deployment Deprovision - Fixed internal server error during deprovision
  • Historical Logs - Load Next button disappear on loading of all previous logs
  • Historical Logs - Restricted the number of tabs in historical logs ui to allow only 10M log lines download

September 15

Welcome to the September 15, 2021 release of the platform.


  • WebConsole - Multiline support for package description.


  • WebConsole - Incorrect label in build guid copy toast.
  • WebConsole - Fixed the device edit name disable condition w.r.t the status.
  • RoutedNetwork - Better handling reconnects on broker crash

SDK Python SDK 0.33.0 released.

  • Fixed delete method inconsistency for native and routed network.
  • Documentation for poll native network and poll routed network.