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December 29

Welcome to the December 29, 2021 release of the platform.


  • now offers a unified storage management experience. You can now manage volumes using the Disk option present on the console. For more information, see Managing Disks.

  • You can now add volumes on devices and also provide the mountPath and subPath for each required executable. For more information, see Deploying Packages.

  • You can now login to platform using google account.

SDK Python SDK 0.38.0 released.

  • You can now manage device volumes using SDK.

December 08

Welcome to the December 08, 2021 release of the platform.


The following improvements have been made to the Started field in the deployments list page:

  • Only the time is displayed for deployments created in the last 24 hours. For example, 03:16 PM [about 2 hours ago].

  • Only the date is displayed for deployments that are older than a day. For example, 30th Nov [7 days ago]. Hover over the value to view the date and time details. For example, 30/11/2021, 6:10:00 PM

  • To view the start and finish date for a particular deployment, hover your mouse over the value.


  • You can now access the CLI Documentation from the documentation sidebar.

  • Checkout this blog for more information on Rapyuta’s new Command Line Interface (CLI).

Bug Fixes

  • The deployments were throwing redundant errors and would get into an erroneous state during their initial phases. This issue is now fixed.

SDK Python SDK 0.37.0 released.

  • You can now add or remove users from a project.

December 01

Welcome to the December 01, 2021 release of the platform.