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VPN Services

Problem: VPN network does not get updated when switching projects in RioCLI

If you have switched projects in the CLI using the rio project select command but are still seeing machines from the previously selected project there might be an issue with the VPN connection not being updated correctly.


Switching projects in the CLI does not automatically update the VPN configuration on your local device. Therefore, it’s necessary to manually establish a connection to the VPN network associated with the current project and verify the status of your VPN connection. To do so:

  1. After switching projects, reconnect to the VPN network of the current project by running the following command:

    rio vpn connect
  2. To confirm the status of your VPN connection, use the command:

    rio vpn status

Problem: Unable to access a previously connected device (robot/edge etc) after the device reboots


Suppose you are unable to establish an automatic connection to a previously connected device over the VPN network, you will need to re-enable the VPN on the device after it reboots.

To re-establish the connection:

  1. Confirm your current project in the CLI, use the command:

    rio project list -w 
  2. If you have verified that you are in the correct project, proceed to disable and enable VPN on the specific device using one of the following commands:

    rio device vpn false --devices=<devicename>
    rio device vpn enable --devices=<devicename>

    Replace with the name of the device that you are troubleshooting.

  3. After enabling VPN on the device, verify the VPN status to ensure that the device is properly connected to the VPN network, use the command:

    rio vpn status