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August 11

Welcome to the August 5, 2020 release of the platform.


  • Minor bugfixes and improved validation for the APIs

August 26

Welcome to the August 26, 2020 release of the platform. There are significant updates in this release that we hope you will like.


  • Development>Builds

    New resource which converts your source code into a container image. Builds can be referenced when creating packages and makes it possible for the developer to automate the flow from git to operations and integrate it with existing CI/CD systems and QA processes.

Your existing packages are backward compatible, to use the existing packages please clone them using the clone button.


  • Python SDK 0.16.0 released
  • Added BuildEndpoints and BuildOperation SDK methods SDK users are recommended to upgrade their SDK to latest SDK release 0.16.0 as older SDKs will not allow newly created packages which includes components building from source code repository (without following [build recepies] (/developer-guide/create-software-packages/builds/)) to be deployed on device.


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to APIs.