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Configuration Variables

Device configuration variables are environment variables that allow you to correctly configure a device on using the console. They are used when deploying packages on the device.

A list of predefined device configuration variables is available for a newly added device. They are:

  • ros_distro specifies the ROS distribution found on the device. It is automatically detected when the device is provisioned. It is immutable as the device determines its value. It is a mandatory configuration variable when deploying ROS packages. It is usually assigned kinetic or melodic value depending on the version of ROS installed on the device.
  • ros_workspace is the absolute path of the default catkin workspace on the device. automatically sources ROS packages present in this workspace for package deployment.
  • runtime specifies whether the device supports dockercompose for the package deployment. Otherwise, its value is set as preinstalled. It is immutable. You can provide this value while adding a device to

The Details page of each device contains the above pre-defined configuration variables.

To create additional device configuration variables, such as ros_package_path, click Add Config Variable.

Device Configuration Variables

You can override the predefined value of a device configuration variable while creating a package deployment. For instance, you may change ros_workspace when deploying a package for a ROS-based device.

You can deselect device configuration variables that you do not need during deployment. However, remember that ros_distro is mandatory when deploying a ROS package.