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July 11


The docker runtime now uses the hostname of the device as the ROS_MASTER_URI. This will allow you to open rviz or echo topics on robots from the local network. All old devices will be updated on reboot.
Running deployments will continue to work.

Ubuntu(16.04 and 18.04) by default resolves the hostname to localhost. If you do change this behaviour on the host OS, roscore will not be able to start. A simple way to check if roscore can be started is to do nslookup $(hostname) if it returns a DNS record you are probably good to go.

July 29

Welcome to the July 29, 2020 release of the platform.


  • Ability to add port ranges for internally exposed endpoints: Port ranges


  • Python SDK 0.15.0 released
  • Added network interface in routed network sdk method
  • Other fixes and improvements