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May 12

Welcome to the May 12, 2021 release of the platform. There are significant updates in this release that we hope you will like.


  • Batch Logging on a Device

    The platform allows you to configure batch logging feature on a device to create a backup of device deployment logs in a single file in JSON format. For more information, click here.

  • Adding ROS Namespace Automatically

    When you click the ROS Namespace check box while deploying a package, the platform automatically sets the value of ROS_NAMESPACE environment variable same as the ROS environment alias. For more information, click here.

  • Added support for 4, 8, and 16 GB of Volumes

    The platform now allows you to select different capacities of the volume while deploying the volume package. For more information, click here.


  • Cloud Bridge Logs positioning

    Now the cloud bridge logs are displayed below the executable logs in the Historical Logs tab.

  • Build Timeout

    Previously, there was no timeout after you trigger a build. Now the build timeout is set to 60 minutes.


  • When you deploy a Docker component, if you don’t mention the tag name for an external Docker image, the platform pulls all the image tags. This issue is fixed.

  • When you try to update a deployment in a device with an external private image, the deployment was failing. This issue is fixed.

  • When you deprovision a device deployment, the ROS master does not get deprovisioned automatically. This issue is fixed.

  • When you copy the private URL in the log details dialogbox and open in a new tab, it was resulting an error. This issue is fixed.

SDK Python SDK 0.25.0 released.

  • Added support for additional cloud volume disk capacity sizes in SDK.

  • Added check to restrict component alias name set up without user knowledge.

  • Added support for setting ROS namespace for native network deployments.

May 26

Welcome to the May 26, 2021 release of the platform. There are significant updates in this release that we hope you will like.

As Kinetic has reached the EOL, it is suggested to select Melodic as the ROS version while creating a build.


  • Viewing ROS Bag Jobs on the Device Details Page

    The device’s details page allows you to view the ROS bag jobs running on the device. For more information, click here


  • Authentication to view API documentation is removed and the API documents are public now.

  • Fixed the bug that was not allowing the device name related environment variables to update while renaming the device.

SDK Python SDK 0.26.0 released.

  • Added refresh() method to resource classes such as deployment that has partial set of fields when using list or get_all methods. Such objects can be refreshed with the full set of fields by calling the refresh() method.

  • Added support for deletion of static routes in core API client.

  • Added support for searching, filtering, sorting, and pagination of device list logs.