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August 04

Welcome to the August 04, 2021 release of the platform.


  • Support for ROS Noetic in Builds, Packages, Deployments, Networks, and Docker Devices.

SDK Python SDK 0.30.0 released.

  • Support for querying Device metrics. To see documentation and examples click here.
  • Support for ROS Noetic.

August 11

Welcome to the August 11, 2021 release of the platform.


  • Device Native Network

    When you deploy a native network to a device, it is considered as a device native network. This allows for ultra low latency peer-to-peer connections between ros nodes in a Local Area Network(LAN). For more information, click here.

SDK Python SDK 0.31.0 released.

  • Support for device native network.

August 25

Welcome to the August 25, 2021 release of the platform.


  • Graceful handling of update deployment failure when package not present.
  • Fixed continuous loading bug in network list page on setting the “show” filter option.

SDK Python SDK 0.32.0 released.

  • Added support for name and version filters in Client.get_all_packages()
  • Added support for Client.get_authenticated_user()
  • Fixed ProvisionConfiguration.provision() to set ROSBag Jobs of the package.