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Device Error Codes

A device may fail due to several reasons. The below table lists all the possible error codes together with their description and recommended actions.

If the issue still persists, please contact support.

Error Code Description Recommended Actions
DEV_E100 Internal error Contact support
DEV_E101 Downloading internal artifact failed
DEV_E102 Pulling internal docker image failed
DEV_E103 Installing pip package failed
DEV_E104 Installing docker failed
DEV_E105 Installing system package failed
DEV_E106 Managing files on device failed
DEV_E107 Internal service failed to start Contact support
DEV_E108 Initialization time exceeded
DEV_E109 Initialization failed due to network error
DEV_E110 Initialization failed due to docker login error

Check for active internet connection

To check if a device has an active internet connection, execute the command: ping -c 4 at the device’s terminal. The ping command will try to reach Google Public DNS. If successful, you should see an output as:

4 packets transmitted, 4 received, 0% packet loss.

Check for disk space

To check if there is adequate disk space on device, run the command: df -h at the device’s terminal. The df command will display your disk usage. Ensure the value of percentage used for your main filesystem is not nearly 100%.