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Deployment Metrics Visualization

Monitoring deployment metrics is important as it helps you understand the resource usage in your deployments. You can now visualize the following resource metrics on the console:

  • CPU Usage - Displays the percentage of the CPU used.
  • CPU Throttle - Displays the CPU throttle percentage.
  • Memory Usage - Displays the total memory being used.
  • Network - Displays the amount of data being sent and received in bytes.
  • Packets - Displays the number of packets being sent and received.

To visualize the graphical representation of the metrics data:

  1. In the console, click Development > Deployments, select the deployment and click the Metrics tab.
  2. To change the time range, click Past 5 minutes drop-down menu and select the range. You can also set a Custom interval by specifying the time and date range.
  3. To change the refresh interval, select Every minute drop-down menu and select the interval.
  4. You can use the slider below the graph to zoom in and view a sub section of the graph.