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What's New in 2023

This section of the document gives you an overview of the new features and functions in It includes new features, improvements, announcements, deprecations, and bug fixes.

May 17

Feature Type Description
Device Deployments New In device deployments, when the subpath corresponds to a directory that does not exist in the device’s file system, the platform automatically creates the directory with root permissions.
VPN support (CLI only) New With the inclusion of native VPN support in, devices and device deployments within a warehouse will have the ability to establish connections with deployments operating in the cloud, and vice versa.

April 19

Feature Type Description
Dectl Config command New You can now use the config command to set custom configurations on the device.
Folder Node New You can now create multiple folders and sub-folders to organize the configuration parameters.
Package Version Improvement You now have the option to switch the package version from the package details page if a package has more than one version.

Bug Fixes

  • The previously released hotfix for stale deployments did not function properly on preinstalled devices. This issue is now fixed.

March 09

Feature Type Description
Fractional resources New You can now choose or add finer CPU and memory limits for ros networks.
JSON configurations New You can now create a configuration parameter in JSON file format.
UI Improvements Improvement
  • Catalog is now renamed to Packages
  • .
  • You can now access the quick link to add secrets while adding a package with the executable type docker with a private image.

Bug Fixes

  • Bugs related to rosbag creation are now fixed.
  • In extreme cases with sudden shutdowns due to hard reset or power failure, deployments on the device could leave orphaned resources. This issue is now fixed.

January 25

Feature Type Description
Component and executable name support in user/cloud metrics New Component name and executable name are now added as tags in cloud system metrics.
The component name is now added as a tag in cloud user metrics.
Grafana Updates New grafana data source plugin now supports alerting. The following features have been added to the grafana data source plugin:
  • Filter by operator support: It enables the user to filter metrics based on different tag values.
  • Dashboard variables: Users don’t have to configure every project in data source for creating a dashboard, you can simply create a dashboard variable with the name rio_project and entity type selected as projects.
  • Rio django middleware updates Improvement Instead of the HTTP request path, route and path params are now collected as tags.
    UI updates Improvements The table and card UI has been improved in deployment and device pages.

    Bug Fixes

    • When a command has a trailing newline character (\n) at the end, the deviceedge panics. This issue is fixed now.
    • On copying the historical logs multiple new line charcters were added. This issue is now fixed.