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Managing Disks

Creating or Deleting Disks

Manage your storage by creating disks on the console.

To create or delete a disk/volume instance:

  1. On the left navigation bar, click Development> Disks.
  2. To create a disk:
    1. Click Create new disk. The Create new disk page appears. Enter:
      Field Description
      Name Specify a disk name. The name should only contain alphanumeric characters, underscore and hyphen. The length should be between 3 and 75 characters.
      Capacity Select the disk memory requirement of the package. It refers to the size of block storage. You can select from the displayed list.
      Labels A set of key value pairs used to filter out resources. To add a label, click Add label.
    2. Click Create new disk. The disk is created and it can be viewed in the disk dashboard.
  3. To delete a disk, under Actions, click the delete icon.

    A disk cannot be deleted if the status is Bound. It is recommended to not delete a disk that is attached to a deployment.

Disk Status

The disk can be in any one of the following states:

State Description
Pending The disk is trying to be deployed.
Available The disk is available to be deployed.
Bound The disk is attached to a deployment.
Released The disk is available to be deployed.
Failed The attachment has failed due to some errors.

For information on how to add mount paths for disks, see Deploying Packages.