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January 15

Welcome to the January 15, 2020 release of platform. There are significant updates in this version that we hope you will like.


  • Internal improvements to platform infrastructure for better reliability.
  • Enhance deployment dependency graph based on namespace grouping.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of duplicate APT entries caused by the downloading script during a device onboarding process.
  • Stale deployment phase in list view.
  • Removed ros_distro key in non-ROS package manifests.
  • Removed Ctrl + F key binding that overrides browser default function.
  • Fixed the issue of improperly resizing of SSH terminal when toggled from fullscreen mode.


January 16

Welcome to the January 16, 2020 release of Python SDK 0.10.2

Notable Fixes

  • Bug fix: poll_deployment_till_ready() raises DeploymentNotRunningException in invalid cases.


Updated the SDK Reference with more usage examples.