Pricing Calculation

This pricing example is set outside the free 7-day trial period.

Let’s assume your ROS software application has two modules say A and B. You intend to deploy three instances of A in the cloud, an instance of B on your device, and attach a persistent storage volume of 32GiB size to your application. You also want the ROS application to run for 10 hours a day.

In, the ROS software application is modelled as a ROS package. The application modules are implemented as components of the package, and each component has at least one executable (a runnable entity). The instances of a component are called replicas.

You will create a ROS package with two components say compA and compB using

  • Let’s assume compA will have two executables that actually get deployed when compA is deployed in the cloud. So, compA is charged based on cloud deployment hours. The compute and memory values for one of the executables are (1vCPU, 4GiB) while the other executable has (8vCPU, 32GiB). You will create 3 replicas of compA.
  • Suppose compB will have a single executable that gets deployed when compB is deployed on a device. So, compB is charged for device deployment hours.

You will deploy a persistent storage volume of 32GiB size, which will be used by a deployment of the ROS package. So, this persistent volume deployment is charged for volume deployment hours.

You will then deploy the ROS package and have it run for 10 hours a day.

Monthly charges will be calculated as follows:

Cloud deployment hours (CDH) price per vCPU-hour is $0.08
CDH charges for all executables of an instance of compA running for 10 hours a day for 30 days is
(CDH price * (sum of vCPUs of all executables) * hours): $0.08 * (1+8) * 10 * 30 days = $7.2
CDH charges for 3 copies of compA: $7.2 * 3 = $216

Device deployment hours (DDH) price per hour is $0.004
DDH charges for an executable of an instance of compB running for 10 hours a day for 30 days is
(DDH price * hours): $0.004 * 10 * 30 = $1.2

Volume deployment hours (VDH) price per GiB-hour is $0.00025
VDH charges for a storage volume of 32GiB size running for 10 hours a day for 30 days is
(VDH price * (storage volume size in GiB) * hours): $0.00025 * 32 * 10 * 30 = $2.4

Total pay as you use charges: $216 + $1.2 + $9.6 = $226.8

Let’s assume you may require more add-ons, for example, you add 5 devices.

Add-ons price per device per month is $5
Add-ons price for 5 devices per month: $5 * 5 = $25

Total charges: $226.8 + $25 = $251.8

Grand total charges: $251.8 + $99 (subscription fee) = $350.8

Add-ons Pricing Calculation

The add-ons (devices and users) are charged differently from the deployment hours.

For example, let’s assume you have subscribed to one of the plans on March 1. Suppose you add 5 additional devices on March 10. You will be charged for those 5 devices. Now, going further, you may experience either of the following three cases:

Case 1

Suppose you add 3 more devices on March 20. You will be charged for these devices. So, the total number of devices added till now is 8 (5 + 3), and an overage charge for 8 devices is reflected in the final bill.

Case 2

Suppose you remove 2 devices on March 20. The device add-on count will immediately decrease to 3. You will be charged for 5 devices (that were added on March 10) in the current bill. The removed devices will not be charged in the next month’s bill.

Case 3

Suppose you neither add nor remove any devices after March 10. You will be charged for the 5 devices that you added on March 10.

Your credit card will, eventually, be charged with the final bill amount on the first day of the next month.