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Key Features
Base Price
Number of active users
Number of devices
Device deployment hours

represents hours of deployments consumed on devices
Additional deployment hours on device
Cloud deployment hours

represents hours of deployments consumed in the cloud
100 vCPU-hour
500 vCPU-hour
Additional deployment hours in cloud
Volume deployment hours

represents hours consumed by volume deployments
Memory and compute
  • Resolve critical bugs and issues.
  • Quickly answer queries and concerns.
  • Access to discussion forum.
  • On-demand, SLA support for critical bugs.
  • Access to Rapyuta Robotics engineers.
  • Access to discussion forum.
Free trial period
Free 7-day trial

If you want to cancel the current plan or shift to another plan, please contact support.

Community Plan

As a promotional offer, the community plan provides free resources every month. This offer is only for a limited time. The free resources are 100 vCPU-hour cloud deployment hours and 500 device deployment hours.

An email notification will be sent when the current usage percentage (percentage of included units of either cloud deployment hours or device deployment hours consumed) is at 60%, and another one at 90%. A final email notification is sent out at 100% usage percentage at which point your account will be suspended.

Once the account is suspended, all deployments are stopped and deleted, and all devices are removed from completely. Since the deletion of resources is irreversible, the deployments and devices cannot be restored. Consequently, you will lose any information, like logs, associated with those resources. You can re-activate your account by adding credit card information on the Billing page after logging into the platform.

Besides free resources, the plan includes add-ons, which are devices and users. You are allowed to add at most two devices. You can purchase more add-ons by adding credit card details on the billing page. With credit card added, you can start deploying storage volumes for applications to use.

Professional Plan

With the professional plan, you can get started with for free for seven days. On subscribing to the plan, the subscription fee is applied monthly and prorated for partial months. Your credit card will be charged with the subscription fee at the start of the free trial period. You will be automatically moved to the professional plan once the free trial period ends.

Fair use during the free 7-day trial period restricts you to 50 cloud deployment hours and 200 device deployment hours. If you unsubscribe from the plan before the free trial period ends, the full subscription fee will be refunded. However, you may be charged for additional consumption of resources beyond their fair use before.

Consumable Items

Device deployment hours, cloud deployment hours, volume deployment hours, and add-ons are the consumable items or billable items in

You will incur overage charges when you exhaust all deployment hours of your subscribed plan. These additional charges are levied only for what you use.

In the case of volume deployment hours, provides SSD disks as persistent storage volumes. The disks are of 32GiB, 64GiB, 128GiB, 256GiB and 512GiB sizes.

Add-ons are discrete and countable items such as devices added to or active users of You can purchase add-ons to increase the available limits on devices and users provided by your subscribed plan.

To add or remove add-ons in

  1. Click Add/Remove add-ons adjacent to the add-on name. Add device add-on
  2. Increase or decrease the count of devices or users by using the arrows.
  3. Click UPDATE.