Billing and Usage

On subscribing to one of the plans, you (the admin of organization or individual user) can access the Billing panel. Billing aggregates information on the charges incurred on consumable units, and displays it in tabular and graphical forms.

The subscription fee is recurring and prepaid. You will be charged monthly on the first day of the month. It means the payment receipt is generated at the start of the month. You will receive an email with the payment receipt at the start of every month. The payment receipt shows the subscription fee of the current month and usage charges of the previous month.

If 80% of the resource limits of the subscribed plan are exhausted, you will be alerted about it by a one-time notification at the top right corner of dashboard.


  • The ESTIMATED BILL is calculated based on your estimated usage for the month.
  • The NEXT BILLING DATE is the date when the credit card will be charged towards the payment of the final bill including taxes.
  • The PLAN displays the plan you have subscribed to.
  • The donut chart provides you insights into the relative component of any additional usage charges and standard subscription charges. Additional usage indicates the count of additional devices, users, cloud deployment hours, device deployment hours, and volume deployment hours.
  • The Current Usage is the count of units currently being used.
  • The Included Units is the count of units included in the subscribed plan.
  • The Add-Ons is the current count of add-ons you have purchased.

The total available units for use is the sum of included units and add-ons.

Billing Usage

As an admin of an organization, you can add multiple credit cards to your organization’s billing account. But, only one credit card is made the primary or default card, which is used to charge the subscription fee and additional amount for using resources. You can delete any existing credit card except the primary card because it is used for monetary transactions. If you want to delete the primary credit card, ensure you make another card a primary card before deleting the previous one.

If you want to unsubscribe, or cancel the current plan, or upgrade to another plan, please contact support.