Python SDK Python SDK enables you to provision packages either on the cloud or on a device, add a dependent deployment, and access various resources and services in your python applications.


It is recommended you install the latest Python SDK using pip (most popular tool for installing python packages).

pip install

If you are using an old version of the Python SDK, please upgrade to the latest 0.19.0 version.


The Python SDK is compatible with python applications supporting Python2.7.

We have added Python3.9 support to the python SDK. Note that this is still in alpha stage.

SDK reference

If you are looking for more detailed information about any class in the SDK, feel free to consult the full SDK reference.


The following example walkthroughs will help you get started quickly with Python SDK:

  1. Basic Publisher Subscriber
  2. Deployment Composition

Before walking through the examples, ensure you obtain the auth token, project ID, device ID, package ID and plan ID.