Build Logs

Build logs are generated when converts the source code of a git repository into a runnable docker image.

To view build logs of a build on, follow these steps:

  1. On the left navigation bar, click BUILDS.
  2. Select a build from the build list page. Click on SHOW MORE and go to Build history tab.
    The tab displays the time of build creation, the author who created it, the build status, and the error string.
    build Logs
  3. To view details of the git repository such as repository’s name, commit number, commit message and the git hosting platform, click View details/logs.
  4. Click on View logs, to see the build logs.
  5. Build logs are displayed in the logging area (terminal-like window). You may scroll up to view the starting logs of the log stream.

Once all of the build logs are generated, the status indicator greys out and you’ll see a Logs streaming ended status (top left corner of the terminal window). If you see an error and the logs are not being generated, click Refresh.

build Logs