Local Communication Broker

Complex distributed robotics applications require multiple devices (or robots) to communicate with each other in the same network or over LAN. This kind of communication can prove to be highly latent if the application service is distributed over WAN.

rapyuta.io provides a public package, Rapyuta IO Local Communication Broker, to help support multi-device communication in the same local network, thus, reducing the robotics application latency by ensuring that the devices involved are in the same local network.

Rapyuta IO Local Communication Broker is a communication package, which is a public package. You cannot delete or modify communication packages, and they are available to all users.

You can optionally specify a network interface (i.e., an IP address) parameter while deploying a local communication broker public package. You may select the network interface value for a local communication broker deployment while deploying a package that depends on it. In this case, the latter network interface takes precedence. Make sure that the latter network interface falls in the same network as that defined in the dependent broker deployment.

When the local communication broker reboots or reconnects to a network connection, the broker device can change its IP address, that is, the IP address of the device will not be the same as the one before rebooting or reconnecting. In production-like scenarios, it is recommended for the broker device to not change its IP address. Hence, assign a static IP address to the local communication broker.

Follow this walkthrough to deploy a local communication broker.