Setup Device

Copy, paste and run the device’s token in the command terminal of the device. The token sets up the device client on the device. Sometimes, you may need root permission to execute the token on the device.

You may access the command terminal of the device through either the serial TTY method or the SSH method.

If the device is set up successfully, you should see the following output on the command terminal:

Initialising the Rapyuta Platform

Successfully installed!

The process of installing a device consists of different stages towards successful completion of onboarding the device on to These stages are described below:

  • Checking and installing required python or apt packages.
  • Installing ROS messages collector package.
  • Installing communication package.
  • Installing metrics collector package.
  • Installing monitoring package.
  • Pulling ROS base image.

Not all devices go through all of the stages in the device initialization process. For example, while devices with docker-compose option set will have ROS base image installed on them, those with preinstalled runtime will have monitoring package installed on them.

In case you face issues on-boarding the device. Please refer to the section on failure codes to help you troubleshoot.

When the device is successfully registered, you will see a green dot next to the device’s name, which indicates that the device is online.

Registered Status of Device