Cloning a Build

The platform allows you to clone a build within the same or different project and reduces the time and effort required to create a build from scratch.

Perform the following procedure to clone a build.

  1. On the left navigation bar, click BUILDS. It displays all the builds available within a project.
  2. Select the build that you want to clone and click Clone Build.
  3. A dialog box appears and prompts you to select the project where you want to clone the build. Select the project from the drop-down and click Clone Build. build-clone

If you want to clone a project within the same project, you must rename the build name.

  1. If the build that you are cloning has a secret, the platform also allows you to clone the secret to the destined project or select a different secret that you want to use in the cloned build. From the Destination drop-down menu, select the secret that you want to use in the cloned build and click Clone. secret-clone

The dialog box to clone secret appears only for the builds that have a secret.

5. The build creation page appears and allows you to modify the build details. For more information about build creation, click here.
6. After reviewing the field details of the build creation pages, click Next. The build is cloned to the selected project.