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Subscription plans

If you want to cancel the current plan or shift to another plan, please contact support.

Community Plan offers a community plan with a basic set of bundled complementary resource quotas that allow users to explore the platform for 3 months, with no payments required. The community plan is recommended for academia, research, startups to help build a proof of concept of their application.

Additional consumable units (up to the predefined limits for the plan) or optional resources such as persistent storage can be availed on a pay-as-you-go basis. This requires the user to add a valid payment method on the platform.

Expiry of Cloud Deployment Resource Quota

On the expiry of credits for cloud deployment hours in the Community Plan, the platform will stop all running cloud deployments. All other functionality of the platform remains unaffected.

To continue using cloud deployments you must add a valid payment method on the Billing panel.

An email notification is sent when usage hits 60%, and next at 90%. A final email notification with a payment method is sent out at 100%.

Cloud deployment is any deployment with at least a single cloud component.

Trial Period Expiration

At the end of the stipulated trial period of the Community Plan, the platform will stop all running deployments and delete all devices onboarded by the user.

Since the deletion of resources is irreversible, the deployments and devices cannot be restored. Consequently, you will lose any information, like logs, associated with those resources.

To activate the full functionality of the platform again, you must add a valid payment method.

The first reminder to add a payment method is sent 7 days before the expiration date, the second one 2 days before the expiration date, the third one 1 day before the expiration date, and the final one 3 hours before expiry.

Professional Plan

The professional plan is recommended for small and medium businesses and startups in the pilot phase. This plan includes a larger quota of consumable resources, email support, basic SLA guarantees, and access to premium consulting support from Rapyuta engineers that empower the user to build increasingly complex solutions.

Subscription to the professional plan requires users to add a valid payment method. On subscribing to the plan, a fee is applied monthly and prorated for partial months.

Read an example of pricing calculation based on the Professional Plan.

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan offers enterprise clients unfettered access to the platform, enterprise-grade 24x7 on-call support, SLAs, and top-of-the-line consulting expertise. For users looking to take the leap and build connected robotics experiences at-scale, we offer a plan tailored for your needs, to learn more contact us.