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Exposing Services over the Internet

Exposing Endpoints Externally

Select Exposed externally checkbox to expose a network endpoint publicly over the internet.

The supported protocols at their respective ports (cannot be modified) are:

  • HTTP/Websocket exposed on port 80

  • HTTPS/WSS exposed on port 443

  • Secure TCP (TLS/SNI) exposed on port 443

The Secure TCP (TLS/SNI) protocol uses SNI headers for routing the request to the desired backend.

external endpoint

Accessing Exposed Endpoints over the public internet generates a random URL/route that is exposed on the public internet for the exposed endpoints when the deployment is created.

You can view the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of an endpoint on the details page of deployments.

FQDN of external endpoint

Accessing Exposed Endpoints from Dependent Deployments injects environment variables corresponding to linked network endpoints when there is a dependent deployment.

Refer to the section on Link Injection for more details.